Sunday, 23 June 2013

The Joys of House Moving

Loveitback blog  is going on temporary hold while we move from Kent to Gloucestershire and will reappear when ......power and water are finally switched on in our new house; when an internet connection is sorted and when the headache-inducing wood varnishing fumes have evaporated.  

These pix show where we are "at" in June and why I am not holding my breath for a speedy resumption of the blog.

Dining Room
One side of the garden room (other side looks the same)


  1. I love how you call it the "joys" of house moving. For work I have to move up north for only months and I am from Houston. So instead of moving everything I am looking into
    storage in Houston so I don't have to lug all my stuff!

  2. Oh yes, joyful it sure ain't! Thanks for your comment Margo but you be careful with storage because the cost can really mount up...ask my sister-in-law!