Sunday, 2 June 2013

Hot Stuff for Father's Day presents

Look carefully at what Tony Watts (of Square Pear Furniture) is holding in his hands. Do you remember those heart shaped sweet/candies we used to love as kids? They were slightly fizzy and had silly messages stamped on them like "real love" and "kiss". Tony Watts' award winning Hot Stuff Trivets made from locally sourced timber just have to be inspired by the original ... Here's a closer look:

Wood Trivet £30-£45

SquarePear furniture offers an expanding range of quality furniture and homewares, each piece designed with a quirky childlike feel and made with care and expertise.

I am featuring Tony on this blog because he uses timber sourced from his local timber yard (which keeps his carbon foot print to the absolute minimum) and because his trivets are a delightful reminder of childhood deliciousness.

Tony manufactures his goods entirely himself, has a multi award winning joinery background and has also studied architectural conservation.

He says of his work:

 "I approach every product with the idea of making something I have never seen before....breaking boundaries I guess."  

Maybe that's the reason why I fell for his Chunky Jigsaw Coasters and Trivet. They're clever, innovative, lovely to use and I, er, just want them.

Chunky Jigsaw Coasters and Trivet £25.45

Tony sells his inspired products through and it's well worth checking through the range if you're looking for something handmade from locally sourced materials with a touch of masculine appeal. Such as these:

Nice Biscuit Board Platter £35.00

Compact Cassette Door Wedge £14.95

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  1. Dads will have to explain what those door wedges actually represent! Love the jigsaw coasters...